TRANSVERSALITY was set up in 2016 by a passionate Chemical Engineer having worked nearly two decades in Innovative R&D, International Business Development and Patent process Management in the materials’ industry.

TRANSVERSALITY is continuously scouting to identify new technologies and expertise from various fields of applications to allow Materials Industries to innovate faster and efficiently. By comparing the potentialities of technologies from various sectors with the innovation expectations of Materials Industries, TRANSVERSALITY creates new unexpected opportunities to innovate!

Strong of a vast network of technology experts in various fields, we also offers expertise in the following applications allowing to build a UNIQUE and valuable set of opportunities to add innovation to your products! :

  • Fire-protective materials
  • Products made of stones
  • Composites materials
  • Functional coatings
  • Textiles for materials

In addition, we can efficiently coordinate the innovation process with external partners, considering applications for patents in due time with the right cooperation contracts to guide you safely to a successful outcome.

Licensing of Technologies and Business Development in specific sectors complete the offer of services. TRANSVERSALITY therefore offers an exceptional range of services to materials’ companies willing to innovate and launch successfully their new products on the market!

Our drivers: Connecting passionate and creative people, finding innovations and new materials’ technologies for a more sustainable economy.

Our strengths: versatility, innovative thinking, pragmatism, efficiency and tenacity!

Feel free to look at our service offer to gain a better understanding of this unique added value for your business activity.